How to Ensemble the Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag for the Ladies
Ingredients for Stocking Stuffer Gift Bag
  • Muslin bags (I chose these 5x7 bags because I think it's a very versatile size)
  • Red and white twine, optional
  • Clear white baggies to put food/lotion bars in (I got mine at Michael's)
  • Fabric black ink pad, optional and make sure it's big enough to accommodate whatever stamp you choose
  • You favorite holiday-themed stamp, optional
Products to put into your gift bag
  • Homemade calming lotion bars (get the tutorial here)
  • Homemade chocolate covered almond christmas trees (get tutorial here)
  • Roll-on essential oil blends/perfume (get tutorial here)
  • Scratch Mommy Skincare lip lotion (It's my favorite lip lotion ever and you can view other Scratch Mommy Skincare products here)
  • Handmade soap bar (I've been using Live Pure Soaps for about 3 months now and I am in love. My sister-in-law makes these soaps and they really are some of the best soaps I've ever used)
  1. Make all your homemade gifts; order/purchase your favorite handmade products
  2. Prepare your gift bag by stamping on the desired christmas/winter wonderland stamp. If using more than one stamp, practice on a piece of paper first so you can make sure you design is the way you want
  3. Package your homemade gifts accordingly (I put food and lotion bars in little clear plastic baggies and tied them off with my twine)
  4. Place all "ingredients" into your muslin bag and tie it off. Add festive ribbon to give it a little more of a color pop. Add tissue paper to "stuff" the bag a little more if you want.
  5. Attach a homemade or store bought tag to the bag with a little message (or include a hand written message inside the bag letting your loved ones know what's in there, how to use it, and why you picked it)
Recipe by Naturally Loriel at