Handcrafted Spice Blends

Naturally Free’s spice blends are made with 100% REAL ingredients– we never use any fillers, preservatives, MSG, and GMOs. The intensely delicious flavor you taste (and mouthwatering smell) and experience comes from real, fresh ingredients. There’s no need for any extra “stuff” to chemically make the blend taste good.

We take pride in sourcing quality ingredients– like organic garlic powder from the U.S. and not China — and hand-make them in small batches in a certified commercial kitchen.

A Little Bit About Us…

BEYOND ORGANIC: That’s right, you won’t even find organic maltodextrin in our products (because even organic blends contain weird ingredients).

HEALTHIER VERSIONS OF FAMILY FAVORITES. The flavors your family loves, without the ingredients you don’t.

HANDCRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES: Made by Loriel, with lots of love in a certified commercial kitchen.

FREE FROM INGREDIENTS YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE: Just simple, wholesome, and fresh ingredients you and your body can pronounce.

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