Things I Love: June

June came and went screaming by! This month was extra special because I made time for family and the few friends I have. I’m usually so caught up in the life of being a mother and aspiring blogger that I forget to make extra time, especially for friends. Shame on me, I know. It’s so unfortunate I waited the whole year and a half we lived in California to make the effort but at least I did.

Such is life, right?

June was also significant because we decided we were going to move back to Florida. Our quality of life will be way more meaningful and we will have a much larger support system. Scott and I may actually get a date night in once a week rather than once every 6 months! We’ll be by the water so we can start diving again which really excites us. Andrew will be close to his grandmothers and nothing can replace the time you spend with grandparents.

We spent time with family members we may not get to see for a while. I really tried to make an effort to spend time with my sister-in-law and niece because Andrew and I have grown very close to them. It’s always sad having to say good-bye to a family member that technically grew up with your own son for a little portion of their life. They played so good together and did so well together. *sigh*

Needless to say, June was all about preparing and packing. Chaotic at times but I feel I managed it very well. You may or may not know but I’ve taken the challenge of writing a blog post for 60 days so in all my preparations of getting us ready to move across the country, I’ve also been writing like crazy so I could schedule posts while I’m gone.

It’s been sort of nuts, not going to lie. As you are reading this my husband and I are on the road probably crossing over Texas or something (I’ll write more about our little adventure later).

I’m looking forward to finally settling down in one place so we can start a garden, get some chickens and really live life!

A Few Links I Loved This Month As Well

  • You know those times when you just want to pull your hair out after (or during) reading an article? Yeah, well that’s how you’ll feel when you read this article about a New York school banning butter. That’s right. Ban-ning butter. Oy vay. Read more here.
  • Isn’t it fun knowing you can make your own beauty care products and then eat them right after? Well, maybe you wouldn’t want to eat the honey-cinnamon mixture that has been sitting on your face for 20 minutes but the thought of it surely makes you feel all warm inside. Have you tried a honey mask before? If not, you should, there is a mask for every kind of skin type!
  • I’m not a huge fan of strawberries but when I saw this recipe for strawberry salsa topped on an avocado half… well, I’m not going to confirm nor deny a little bit of drool fell out the side of my mouth…
  • Riiiiikiiiitiiiiikiiitaaaa… who wants a kombucha-rita?! I mean shoot, why not have your alcohol and get your probiotic kick in too? So creative and so yummy!
  • I had no idea that only 100% pure maple syrup can be called ‘maple syrup’ and all other syrups labeled ‘syrup’ or ‘table syrup’ or ‘maple-flavored syrup’ are fake. Do you know if the maple syrup you are buying is real or fake?
  • Has your little one ever had a diaper rash for what seemed like forever? Did you know it could possible be a yeast rash? I didn’t even know there was a difference but this article references how to tell a diaper rash apart from a yeast rash.
  • Conventional bug repellant contains toxic ingredients and is in no way good to put on your skin or the skin of your children. These homemade bug repellant bars are super cute and super not toxic!
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