How to be Inspired to Save for Your Dream Vacation (Or Anything Your Heart Desires)
  • Top loading shadow box (Find them at Michael's or this frame would work)
  • Metallic silver or gold sharpie
  • Photograph of your "dream"
  • Glue
  • White scrap book paper (if you want to create a border around the image), cut to size
  • Hardware to hang up shadow box
  • Nail polish remover, to erase if you mess up
  1. Remove all packaging; remove stock photograph that came with the frame
  2. Glue or tape your dream photo to your cut-to-size scrapbook paper; attach to the back of the frame
  3. Write on the glass with your sharpie (i.e., "new computer fund" or "our trip to Hawaii fund")
  4. Hang it up on a wall that you will see OFTEN.
  5. Step back, be inspired, and place your first bill in there.
Recipe by Naturally Loriel at