4 Components of a Waste-Free Lunch

Whoever said that quote, “the days are long but the years are short” must have been specifically talking to parents of young children. I’m sure it feels that way with older kids but raising little ones is really hard work. It seems just yesterday we came home with our first born, completely terrified and lost, knowing…

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Freezer cooking is a smart way to have emergency food on hand for when life happens. Here are 3 tips for reheating frozen foods so you're not left with a big brick of food.

3 Tips for Reheating Frozen Foods

Note from Naturally Loriel: I’m taking some time off to enjoy my sweet newborn but I’ve lined up some amazing guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers while I’m away. Today’s guest post comes from one of my best friends Tara of We Got Real. Tara is the expert on frugality (have you seen her frugal…

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To save money, I've figured out the must have organic foods and the foods that I can typically buy conventional which is why I don't buy everything organic.

Why I Don’t Buy Everything Organic

It may come as a surprise to you when I say I don’t buy everything organic, but it’s true. The reality is that organic food is more expensive… there is no hiding that. Even though it’s expensive, I feel it is totally worth it and the benefits of reduced pesticide exposure — especially for children —…

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