DIY Grazing Boxes

Raising backyard chickens is really not that hard and it’s a great source of cheap entertainment and delicious homegrown eggs. The biggest challenge we’ve faced as backyard chicken owners is reducing the cost of the organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed we purchase. Depending on the size of your flock, you can easily go through a bag…

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I've used a few different variety of seeds in my garden, but by far I have loved using SeedsNow seeds and here's why.

Why I Use SeedsNow Seeds for My Garden

Psstt.. every Wednesday I write a post called “Why I” and last week I wrote one on Why I Use Einkorn Flour — just in case you missed it.  Before I was introduced the world of Monsanto, buying seeds for my garden was such an innocent, no-brainer task. Post-Monsanto-GMO-Crazy-Whirlwind, buying seeds actually seemed a bit daunting and I was left…

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Here are some natural pest control methods for the garden for pests like deer, rabbit, weeds, and insects.

Natural Pest Control For the Garden

Note from Naturally Loriel: Today’s resourceful post comes from Claire over at Bloom.  I LOVE her knowledge in gardening and chickens. I love this post especially since I am having issues with pests in my garden… and I am sure you are too! She’s written some great topics on Naturally Loriel about gardening like this one about…

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Why I Raise Chickens

Fluffy butts, fresh eggs, being a crazy chicken lady… what more could you want in life? Possibly more chickens, but that just goes without saying. #MustHaveALLTheChickens 5 years ago I never imagined I’d have 13 chickens in my backyard or that I’d be dunking chickens in salt water and then dish soap for 20 minutes…

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Raising chickens is often a "learning as you go thing." In this post, I shared my lessons learned when it comes to brooder boxes for chicks and what I'll do next time.

Lessons Learned: Brooder Boxes for Chicks

Nothing is more exciting than bringing home your first (or second.. or third) set of cheep cheeping chicks. That being said, sometimes it’s easy to forget exactly what you need to have in order before the chicks actually arrive. I’ve made the mistake, twice, of not having my brooder set up so it could be a nice easy…

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Are you wondering if you've crossed over to that "crazy chicken lady" status? Here are 28 sure tell signs you are indeed "that" person... which is honestly not a bad thing at all!

You Might Be a Crazy Chicken Lady If…

Those memes really meant it when they said chickens are like potato chips and you can’t just have one. Considering my track record with how I have a hard time not finishing a bag of potato chips to myself (especially when paired with my homemade french onion dip), chickens could be considered dangerous territory. But have…

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Growing Sprouts as Treats for Chickens

It’s no secret by now that we are in “how-to-save-the-most-money-while-raising-non-gmo-organic-backyard-chicken-eggs” mode. There has been a lot of projects and experimenting around here. So much that Scott often wonders if the “honey-do” list will ever end. No, honey… It won’t ever end. 😀 To recap, so far we have: Created an extended chicken run using free…

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Tired of failing at growing plants from seeds? Here are 4 top supplies to grow healthy garden seedlings to help your chances drastically!

Top 4 Supplies to Grow Healthy Garden Seedlings

Note from Naturally Loriel: Today’s informative post comes from Anna of Green Talk. If you’re into green living, gardening, and sustainability you have to take some of your time and spend it on her site. If I were you, I’d start with this garden hack that gets rid of squash bugs or learning about natural weed killers and what works. Thanks for joining…

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