Chocolate Pillow Cake Bliss Bars

Have you ever eaten something so dreamy and delicious that you just wanted to stay in that moment forever? Hopefully I’m not the only one that gets passionately intimate with food. Wait, what? I dubbed these “Chocolate Pillow Cake Bliss Bars” because they are somewhat of a souffle type dessert but have the consistency of…

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Crumbly Coconut Cookies

Great things can be found in unexpected places. Sort of like how when you clean a room and you finally find that missing item you’ve been searching forever for. It’s a glorious feeling, right? Well, I consider these crumbly coconut cookies one of those great finds. As I was sitting in front of my pantry…

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Kid-Friendly, Bone-Healing, Anti-inflammatory, Smoothie-turned-Popsicle Recipe

Once I understood the importance of specific nutrients needed for repairing bone, I was on a mission to concoct a bone-healing, anti-inflammatory smoothie. The key was finding ingredients that melded well together and was kid-approved! I found that turmeric is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory foods but because it is not readily bio-available, it…

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