Support is what I needed. From start to finish, I created and surrounded myself with a village of women of all walks of life.

Support + Thank You to My Village

You’ve probably heard it before, you know, that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true. It starts even before your child makes their entrance to this world. I know, because my two births were substantially different from one another. I’m grateful to have experienced both, although I can’t help but feel sadness…

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Why I Don’t Lower Fevers

No parent ever wants to see their child sick and it’s our natural instinct to do everything we can to “fix” whatever problem is causing harm to our child. It’s a normal feeling and fine, but some things — for the most part, using our best judgement — should be left untreated; like fevers, for…

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A solid support system is important for any venture in life -- especially birth. That reason alone is why I hired a doula but I'm learning a doula does so much more!

Why I Hired a Doula

I really try to not make the same mistakes twice in my life if they have a huge impact on me and this absolutely coincides with how I want the birth of my second baby to go. I didn’t know any better with my first birth for a lot of things. Although I wish I could…

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Magnesium is a crucial mineral we all need. Although there are many reasons why someone would take magnesium, here's why I personally do and how it has helped me.

Why I Take Magnesium Daily

Psstt.. every Wednesday I write a post called “Why I” and last week I wrote one on Why I am Having a Home Birth — just in case you missed it.  I’m a hard sell when it comes to “coincidences.” Maybe there is a small percentage of the time that coincidences are simply occurrences without a connection,…

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After my first hospital birth, I knew if I ever had another baby it would be completely different. Here's why I am choosing to have a home birth vs. another hospital birth.

Why I Am Having a Home Birth

Psstt.. every Wednesday I write a post called “Why I” and last week I wrote one on Why I Think Buying Meat in Bulk Can be Beneficial — just in case you missed it. One thing I’ve learned on this natural living journey is to be selective with what you tell people. At first, every little…

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