6 Feel Better Remedies Using Essential Oils

Be prepared with these feel better remedies using essential oils!

Do you have a medicine cabinet full of essential oils but don’t really know how to use them properly? Or is that just me?

It’s true — as much as I love the healing powers of essential oils, I’m a bit of an essential oil hoarder that can’t remember to use them when I need them most. Since we’re gearing up to the “cold and flu” season, I thought it might be a good idea to have a list of feel better remedies using essential oils handy. You know, so for those times that my little one has a stomach ache or I find myself waking up with a sore throat I’m prepared with #AllTheRemedies.

6 Feel Better Remedies Using Essential Oils

1. Headache Relief via Growing Up Herbal

Here are 4 steps you can take to help diminish the pains of a headache without using over the counter pain relievers. Read the post here.

2. Sore Throat Care via Plant Therapy

Have you ever sprayed that OTC red spray on the back of your throat when it was sore? Just thinking of the taste of that gives me the heebeegeebees. Here’s a spray you can make that is effective, free of artificial colors, and doesn’t taste disgusting. Read the post here.

3. Vapor Rub via Simply Healthy Home

All you need is some beeswax, your favorite carrier oil (I really like fractionated coconut oil), and kid-safe essential oils, and you won’t ever have to resort to the store-bought kind when your kiddo suddenly comes home from school sounding all congested. Make a decent size and you’ll be set for the whole winter! Read the post here.

4. Ear Ache Remedy via Mommypotamus

More research is now showing that antibiotics are not needed to cure earaches or ear infections. I have personally cleared two of my son’s ear infections without the use of antibiotics. Read the post here.

5. Breathe Easy Aromatherapy Inhaler via Mommypotamus

Aromatherapy inhalers filled with essential oils that help clear the nasal passageway are perfect for on the go solutions for those who have to go to work while feeling under the weather. Read the post here.

6. Steam Baths to Treat Cough, Sinus infection, & More via Eat Beautiful

Sinus infections are no joke. Instead of opting for an over the counter product, simply create a steam bath with boiling water, add germ-killing essential oils, and breathe deeply. Read the post here.

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